Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that, on average, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned every three to 12 months?

It takes a trained professional to truly make your carpets pet- and kid-friendly, targeting unseen dirt and grime with science-based methods and proven products.

At AO Cleaning Carpet Care & Restoration, we go the extra mile – using an ultraviolet light or moisture detector to target unseen pet spots, ensuring that we get even the most difficult stains and odor-causing damage. That’s how we guarantee odor control and pet urine contamination.

When AO Cleaning cleans your carpets, we use our proprietary subsurface extraction tool process and only all-natural, non-toxic products — offering a deep clean experience without any harmful chemicals or solutions.


Definitions of Soil Types:

Heavy Soil: Carpet has many spots and stains, and has accumulated a lot of soil, dirt and grime. This carpet is often older and/or has been neglected and is in a high traffic area.

Medium Soil: Carpet has some spots and stains, and has some areas where there is visible dirt, even after a thorough vacuuming.

Light Soil: This carpet is in good visible condition, with minimal to no stains or spots. This carpet is typically still under warranty and needs a maintenance cleaning to retain optimal condition.

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