Floor Care & VCT Refinishing

Floor Care & VCT Refinishing

A certain amount of wear and tear is inevitable with any hard surface beneath your feet. Not only does dirt and grime collect over time, but scratches and dents also make an appearance.

Our floor care technicians are experts in all the things that give your floors lasting shine — buffing, stripping, waxing, the works.

We have more than a decade of experience working with vinyl composition tile (VCT), a finished flooring material primarily used in commercial and institutional applications. Over the years, we’ve worked to care for the VCT flooring in a chain of retail pharmacies, an Air Force Base and a fire department, just to name a few.

In many cases, we’ve managed to restore the flooring and keep public institutions and businesses from having to purchase new floors, saving them thousands of dollars.

Whether you need a regular cleaning, or full refinishing of your VCT or other commercial flooring, we will consult with you on the appropriate course of action, then set out to provide permanent gloss and protection.

We also work with linoleum, stone, tile, wood and other types of flooring. Organic and inorganic materials that erode your floor over time will be removed, and we’ll ensure they have trouble adhering in the future.

Your floor should be the last thing you have to think about  — so let us remove the worrying too.

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