Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

It’s simple science – more people means more bacteria, germs and dirt. That’s why it’s hard to manage all the yucky stuff that makes its way into and onto the tile and grout surfaces of an office, school or public space.

Dirt, grime, odors and other contaminants have a sneaky way of invading the hard and porous surfaces in our buildings, particularly the floors and walls, where it can seep into grout lines and damage tile over time.

That’s where AO Cleaning comes in. We go above and beyond your traditional maintenance or janitorial service, with science-driven methods and products that will provide a thorough, all-natural clean — healthier for your tile and grout floors and walls, and healthier for you, too.

Our professionals sanitize and seal all kinds of tile and grout, along with other stone products. We will also take the time to explain our process to you.

At AO Cleaning, our goal is to keep your workplace safe, clean and germ-free for you, your employees, clients and customers.

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