Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Whether it’s your couch, loveseat, ottoman or mattress, the soft surfaces we sit and lie on are the ones that get the most use in our homes. Unfortunately, they are also the pieces that carry the most dirt and bacteria.

(If you don’t believe us, take a close look – or a whiff – of your grandpa’s favorite recliner or your son’s regular lounging spot on the couch!)

Even with thorough and regular care with your home vacuum, these items still hold a tremendous amount of skin cells, dust mites and gunk.

A regular clean from a trusted professional like AO Cleaning Carpet Care & Restoration will not only ensure the longevity of all of your mattresses and furniture pieces, but will also keep you – and your family – healthier.

Because without a careful touch, dirt, dust and harmful bacteria and pollutants can build up over time, leading to odors, allergies, illness and more.

We use only the best science-driven and education-based methods for cleaning your upholstery and other fine fabrics. We will restore their appearance and can protect them from further damage or soiling.

All of our solutions are kid and pet-friendly, and safe for most materials. They are also quick drying and leave no residue behind.

Trust AO Cleaning to provide you with a healthier indoor environment that will stand the test of time.

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