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Everyone loves a freshly cleaned matter the style, size, or texture of your carpet, AO Cleaning will take care of your carpet cleaning needs.

It takes a trained professional to truly make your carpets pet- and kid-friendly, targeting unseen dirt and grime with science-based methods and proven products.

Carpet Cleaning Process from AO Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Services

Rug Cleaning Process from AO Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Services

At AO Cleaning Carpet Care & Restoration, we go the extra mile – using an ultraviolet light or moisture detector to target unseen pet spots, ensuring that we get even the most difficult stains and odor-causing damage. That’s how we guarantee odor control and pet urine contamination.

When AO Cleaning cleans your carpets, we use our proprietary subsurface extraction tool process and only all-natural, non-toxic products — offering a deep clean experience without any harmful chemicals or solutions that will leave your home smelling great and your floors looking brand new!

UV Light on Soiled Carpet from AO Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Services

Can we walk on the carpet right after its been cleaned?

The staff at AO Cleaning recommends you wait one to two hours before walking on carpets after we have cleaned them.  If you choose to walk on your freshly-cleaned carpet, make sure you wear clean, dry shoes, as your bare foot can transfer oils to the newly-cleaned carpet.  Also, keep in mind that wet feet or shoes can become slippery when walking from freshly-cleaned carpets to hard surfaces such as hardwood floors.

How long does it take the carpet to dry after cleaning?

It should take four to eight hours to completely dry your freshly cleaned carpets, but carpets can dry faster with ample air circulation and moisture ventilation.  Carpet dries on the same principles as your clothes – the more air, the faster the drying time. So weather permitting, open windows, turn on ceiling fans, and use portable fans to expedite the drying process. We also use special air movers to expedite the drying process if need be.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

Carpets are made to be durable against wear and tear, so vacuum your carpets as much as possible to maintain cleanliness. Did you know, your carpet is the biggest filter in your home? The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends vacuuming at least twice a week or more in heavily trafficked areas and if you have pets or kids. Vacuuming frequently can actually give your carpets long life because it prevents dirt and grime from settling deep into the fibers and between the carpet and pad, which can cause premature wear and replacement.

What carpet cleaning process do you use?

At AO Cleaning, we use the Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning method which allows us to deep clean your carpets with heat and steam to break down the oil, grease and dirt that makes its way into your fibers. This process also extracts as we go, so that there is a minimal amount of moisture left in your carpets, which allows for a faster drying time.

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that home or office occupants get their carpets professionally cleaned every six to 12 months on average.  This timeline can vary depending on how many adults, children and pets live in your home and/or the amount of office traffic. We recommend you have your high traffic areas cleaned every six months to ensure the cleanest, healthiest environment.

Does having my carpet cleaned affect my warranty?

To keep the warranty on new carpet valid, it should be cleaned by a professional, certified cleaner like AO Cleaning every 18 months. If you read the terms and conditions on many carpet warranties, you’ll note that wet cleaning the carpet yourself – or hiring a cleaner who is not certified – may void your warranty.

Does having my carpet cleaned affect my warranty?

Step 01- Pre-Inspect
Step 02- Pre-Condition Carpet Fibers
Step 03- Treat all spots and stains (no guarantee of removal of all spots and stains)
Step 04- Hot water steam clean or low moisture cleaning
Step 05- Apply Deodorizer
Step 06- Apply ScotchGuard Protector (optional)
Step 07- Final Walk Through

How soiled is my carpet?

Heavy Soil: Carpet has many spots and stains, and has accumulated a lot of soil, dirt and grime. This carpet is often older and/or has been neglected and is in a high traffic area.

Medium Soil: Carpet has some spots and stains, and has some areas where there is visible dirt, even after a thorough vacuuming.

Light Soil: This carpet is in good visible condition, with minimal to no stains or spots. This carpet is typically still under warranty and needs a maintenance cleaning to retain optimal condition.

Carpet Soil Levels







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